Who do I look up to?

I have always looked up to the following, the things that matter.

The work of the individual and the family. In freedom of religion and expression. The right to change the government by The Ballot Box other than the gun.

United States Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team 1983 – 3rd from the right in the front row. Washington D.C. 1984

America’s doors have always been open to the men and women who seek freedom. Not one or a few people do I look up to, I look up to America that has taken a World’s rule that has brought benefits to humanity.

I have a set way of my life, support those who assist others in one’s self-fulfillment. Along with assisting in supporting others with their goals and objective.

One of my quotes I live by: “When one is born it’s an event, and when one perishes it too is an event. So, live an eventful life and be adventurous.” M. Kameron Hawkins – Summer of 1970